Polystyrene filled floatation modules

Houseboat foam filled floatation modules are light weight floating constructions, produced from high quality polyethylene. They are supposed to be a part of floating platform for houseboat, floating cabin, floating cafe or floating beach.

Our foam filling technology:

  • EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) 25
  • Module maintains it`s shape and is resistant to mechanical deformations
  • Compared to air-filled modules, our module retains floatation properties in case of hole

Floatation modules can stand temperatures in range from -60°C to +60°C and are also resistant to sudden temperature fluctuations. There is no need to deassemble or remove construction in winter period.

Houseboat Products

Equip Houseboat with accessories

Some of our products can be very helpful for the houseboat:

Empty float for water storage

Slide to water

TypeDimensions a/b/h, mmVolume, lPrice
Tank for diesel\water\storage in W12001080 / 735 / 680470ask for price



Not just houseboat: Other projects

Based on our floatation modules and steel platform, it is possible to create custom constructions. Some of examples are below:

In case metal floats have aged, it is possible to renew floatation properties, by adding 3d row of plastic floatation modules.

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