Tank for diesel\water\storage in W1200

Dear partner, we are happy to announce our new product-tank inside W 1200 float. Tank is rotomolded and inserted into foam filled float. Application
  •    – Fresh\ Sewage water storage
  •    – Diesel fuel storage
  •    – Box for machinery\equipment, for example for truster engine


  •    – Big cover on top (840х495 mm)
  •    – Small upper lid (custom size, non-airtight\airtight)
  •    – In case of diesel usage tank is rotomolded with special PE additives to comply with fire safety regulations


  •    – Layer of foam filling between walls of tank and walls of float makes impossible leakage of tank s liquids (water\diesel) even in case of serious collision
  •    – Taking tank from houseboat to float increases usable space above deck.


  • Volume: 470 L
  • Length: 108 cm
  • Width: 73.5 cm
  • Height: 68 cm
Price: ask for price UAH / ask for price USD incl. VAT