Kid’s playgrounds

We produce different elements of kid’s playgrounds:

  • Sandbox
  • Slide (regular, double)
  • Tubes for playgrounds


Regular Slide

Double Slide

Slides are made of high-strength polyethylene, which gives it the most benefits over metal analogues:

  • No rust
  • Lighter
  • Warmer
  • Can be easily fixed in any place.
TypeLength of slide, mmDimensions a /b /h (mm)Weight, kg
Double hill290045

Tubes for kid`s playground


Tubes are designed to increase children`s interest to the site .

Our tubes are durable, easy to attach to each other and can withstand temperatures from -40 ° C to +60 ° C.

TypeDiameter, mmWeight, kg
tube (straight)78030
tube (folded)78025
tube (whistle)81030
tube (arch)78010


With our sandbox eleemnts you can construct sandbox of any geometry. Elements of the sandbox with the help of the tubes are connected in a closed loop. Free pipe sections mounted in the ground. After the assembly, for a secure fit, it is recommended to fix the pipe 4 screws and lock securely in the ground.

Dimensions of sandbox element: (L*W*H) = 1060*60*250 mm.