Anchoring buoys

Anchoring buoys

 Anchoring buoys are the easiest solution to anchor your private boat\yacht.
TypeDimensions a/b/h, mmVolume, lPrice
Buoy 45L410 / 410 / 50048ask for price
Buoy 75L478 / 478 / 60078ask for price
Buoy 130L600 / 600 / 750130ask for price
Buoy 260L760 / 760 / 750290ask for price
Advantages of plastic foam filled floating docks:
  • modules can be assembled in custom manner, to provide desired shape of marina
  • not a subject to corrosion; durable
  • ensure desired height above the water level
  • possibility of anchoring
  • easy to conduct maintenance
  • environmental friendly
  • fast and easy installation

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Order custom floatation module

We are full-cycle rotomolding producers. This means that our supply chain has stages such as computer 3d model design, development of prototype, mass production and quality control.

Today we are interested in extending our range of floatation modules. We welcome our customers to ask for custom products and promise to offer reasonable price-quality-time ratios .

Installation service

To ensure, that our products function properly, right from the start, we offer our installation service. Viva marina installation team consists of qualified workers, supervised by one or two our engineers.

We will come to the site with whole set of required equipment (except small boat and crane machine). Once we are there, we take the whole responsibility for installation of the construction.